2011 - VIth edition

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Clauses for participation

The competitors are divided into following age groups:
  • Group A – up to 14 years (8 form including)
  • Group A 1 – up to 15 yars for no music majors
  • Group B – up to 16 years (10 form including)
  • Group C – up to 19 years (12 form including)
  • Group D – up to 22 years

The candidates should apply

The candidates should apply following documents till 25th octoberr 2011:
a) Application form
b) Birth certificate – duplicate
c) Short artistic autobiography
d) Two photos (passport size)
e) Paying receipt for paid fee:
  • For groups A and A1 – 15 BG notes
  • For group B – 20 BG notes
  • For group C – 30 BG notes
  • For group D – 40 BG notes

All documents should be sent on the following address:



7, BAREYRO str.


Petja Stojanova Doncheva

Rehearsals for participation

1. All the competitors are allowed 15 min. rehearsals in time schedule
2. The order or the participation is fixed by lot, drawn officially on 12th november 2011.
3. The Organization Committee confirms the admission, the order, the exact date and time of competitor’s performing in written form.

Competition program

Group A

1. V. Shtelokov – Child concert
2. A piece at choice

Group A 1

Two pieces choosen by the participant

Group B

1. One of the following concertos: L. Kogan or V. Shtelokov N:3
2. A piece at choice

Group C

I. Tour
1. J. N. Hummel – Concerto in Es dur – I movement
2. At choice – Scherco by Arutunian, Abramian, Svirski, Mogilevski, Bolotin, Shahov.

II. Tour
1. Alexander Goedicke – Concert Etude  op.49
2. Bulgarian music piece by: N. Takov, Al. Thekeliev, C. Lambov, P. Petrov, V. Karaatanasov, Zdr. Manolov, P.Hadjiev or a piece by an author from the country of the participant.

Group D

I. Tour
1. J. Haydn – Concerto in Es dur – I movement
2. A piece at choice

II. Tour
1. First or Second and Third movements of a romantic or modern concerto
2. A piece of virtuoso character at choice